Content Delivery Network

Content served fast for the ‘Now Generation’

Our CDN brings websites and content closer to your customers, hence, less hops going from the source
content. PLDT Global delivers content to 76+ million internet users in the Philippines. We are part of the
largest CDN Federation in Asia serving a combined 700+ million subscribers.


Live Streaming – Deliver content live with near-zero latency with PLDT Live Streaming Delivery Network.

Advanced Analytics – Reports that provide insight into most viewed content, streaming statistics and profile of end-users (Browser, Operating System (OS) and Devices)

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Security – Allows secure acceleration and caching of website contents including static images, videos, etc.

Web Acceleration – Customer’s websites load faster by delivering the site from a distributed network of thousands of servers around the globe.

File Download Optimization – Files are uploaded in advance to PLDT for customers who want to make large, fast, reliable downloads.

Media-on-Demand – Uploaded content is made available over a wide range of protocols to support Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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