May 13, 2020

The Orange wholesale arm, International Carriers, has signed a partnership deal with PLDT, the Philippines’ largest telecommunications and digital services company, for international voice aggregation services to deliver better quality of service to millions of customers globally. As the preferred aggregator for voice traffic, Orange will handle all global inbound traffic terminating on the PLDT and Smart network.

Orange’s experience and expertise will be available to PLDT for the management of its global partner porfolio. The partnership agreement also includes support from Orange’s global sales team in the joint implementation of various voice traffic management solutions. Additionally, in a move to increase voice traffic and security, Orange will guarantee the value of PLDT voice traffic with its industry-leading anti-fraud voice solutions.

Emmanuel Rochas, Chief Executive Officer of International Carriers at Orange, affirmed, “Orange is proud that PLDT has selected Orange to provide support and protect market value for the future and we are delighted to enter into this partnership. I look forward to working alongside PLDT to embrace the market evolution and I am confident that this partnership will develop to our mutual benefit.”

Orange has a global business services presence and is a mobile network operator in 26 countries. It is an established leader in the provision of worldwide roaming services to operators with proven, trusted ability to manage complex wholesale projects in the fields of roaming, voice and data services.