Mar. 25, 2021

PLDT Global Corporation (PGC) is partnering with Chief Telecom to further expand its digital services for customers in Taiwan and the rest of Asia. As PLDT’s international arm, PGC provides relevant communications infrastructure to global enterprises and carriers.

Operating the largest internet exchange center in Taiwan, Chief Telecom provides a major network gateway of cloud services, submarine cable infrastructure, and carrier neutral internet data center services in the region.

The partnership between PGC and Chief Telecom will provide enterprise customers with a one-stop shop offering connectivity services across borders, for fast service delivery and competitive offerings via cloud connection, enhanced business continuity services, and security.

“Through this partnership, we can focus on the growing opportunities for enterprises in Taiwan to expand their business operations across Asia. It is a win-win arrangement for us and we’re looking forward to strengthening the relationship between the two companies,” said Tim Chiang, Senior Vice President at Chief Telecom.

PLDT Global will also leverage on Chief Telecom’s network of partners to reach more enterprise customers in the Asia Pacific region.

“The global demand for faster, more secure, and more reliable connectivity has grown at an unprecedented scale, especially as more businesses are transforming digitally. Through this partnership with Chief Telecom, we can deliver solutions that address the technological needs of our customers powering their digital expansion beyond borders,” said Albert V. Villa-Real, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at PLDT Global.

This is among many strategic partnerships forged with international leaders in technology and digital connectivity, bearing witness to PGC’s commitment to bring best-in-class service to businesses the world over.

About Chief Telecom

Established in 1991, Chief Telecom became an affiliate of CHT in 2006, and was officially listed at Taiwan OTC stock market on June 5th, 2018 (stock code: 6561). Chief Telecom is ISO 27001, ISO 27011, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS) certified to provide its customers with the best information security shield.

With its global internet backbone, professional skills of communication integration, Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX), and (Taipei Internet eXchange) TPIX – the biggest internet exchange in Taiwan, Chief Telecom can provide total solutions and various business models to enhance its customers’ operational effectiveness and competitive advantages. For more information, please go to