Data Privacy – Annex A


Router/Switch/Customer Premises Equipment Acceptable Use Policy

In this Annex, “PLDT” may refer to PLDT (SG) Pte. Ltd., PLDT (US) Ltd., PLDT (HK) Limited, or PLDT Japan GK, as determined by the entity signing/accepting the Service Order Form for the provision of the Services.

This Router/Switch/CPE Acceptable Use Policy specifies the actions allowed by PLDT to users of the PLDT Network. PLDT reserves the right to modify the Policy at any time, effective upon the Customer’s receipt of the modified Policy.

The following terms and conditions apply to all PLDT-provided Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and routers:

  1. Router/switch/CPE management includes the following services:
    1. Re-configuration of settings
    2. Troubleshooting and repair
  2. The PLDT router/switch/CPE is provided for the sole purpose of connecting the Customer’s network to PLDT’s network. PLDT will provide initial and subsequent configurations as part of the agreement.
  3. PLDT will provide either Static or dynamic Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing to the Customer’s Local Area Network (LAN) upon Customer’s request.
  4. PLDT does not permit the connection of other provider’s equipment or connections to any PLDT router/switch/CPE, managed or otherwise, and will not be responsible for configuring other provider’s equipment. Should PLDT identify any unauthorized connection, PLDT shall have the right to disconnect such unauthorized connection without any liability to the Customer.
  5. The PLDT router/switch/CPE is intended for the Customer’s enterprise network only. It is provided for connectivity to Internet Protocol/Multi Protocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) or data networks and must be used as a customer edge device.
  6. PLDT provides and manages only Wide Area Network (WAN) addresses and not LAN addresses. The addresses for the LAN segment are merely redistributed in the routing instance of the Customer.
  7. PLDT’s responsibility is up to the managed router/switch/CPE only. The Customer should have its own means of securing its LAN network. For the router, a shared access read only level 7 privilege is given to Customer technical group.
  8. An acceptance test shall be conducted by between PLDT and the Customer after end-to end testing of the installed service. Part of such acceptance test shall include procedures in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between PLDT and the Customer.
  9. To prevent any unauthorized person from tampering or accessing the Customer’s router, a security seal will be applied on the console port and on the auxiliary port of such router. The seals shall be applied after the Customer has accepted the site.
  10. Tampering with the security seal referred to in Item 9 above will void the router warranty. In the event of router malfunction with voided warranty, the Customer shall pay an amount equivalent to the remainder of the router contract before PLDT will replace the router.
  11. The minimum lease period will be equivalent to the longest lease period for other PLDT Service components. The Customer shall pay pre-termination charges equivalent to the remaining contract price if the Customer wishes to downgrade the Service before the minimum contract term expires. There will be no pre-termination charges payable for upgrades to the existing Service which may involve changes to the existing Services or the installation of additional router components during the minimum contract term.
  12. Additional features, service requirements and hardware components not included in the signed SOF which will require operating system, hardware and or license upgrade shall be subject to additional charges.